The Great River Road in Illinois

Outdoor Recreation - Hiking


Apple River Canyon State Park

Apple River Canyon State Park - Salem Unit

Apple River Canyon State Park - Thompson Unit

Bald Knob Wilderness - Shawnee National Forest

Buehler Preserve

Casper Bluff Land & Water Reserve

Cedar Lake - Shawnee National Forest

Chestnut Mountain Resort

Clearsprings Wilderness - Shawnee National Forest

Devil's Backbone Park

Fults Hill Prairie Nature Preserve

Giant City State Park

Great River Bike Trail

Hanover Bluff State Natural Area

Horseshoe Lake State Park

Iris and Jack Witkowsky State Wildlife Area

Johnson Creek Recreation Area - Shawnee National Forest

Julius J. Knobeloch Woods Nature Preserve

Kaskaskia River State Fish & Wildlife Area

Lake Murphysboro State Park 

LaRue-Pine Hills - Otter Pond Research Natural Area - Shawnee National Forest

Little Grand Canyon - Shawnee National Forest

McCully Heritage Project

Mississippi Palisades State Park

Morrison-Rockwood State Park

Nauvoo State Park

Oakwood Bottoms Picnic Area - Shawnee National Forest

Pere Marquette State Park

Piasa Harbor

Piney Creek Ravine Nature Preserve

Pomona Natural Bridge - Shawnee National Forest

Rall Woods State Natural Area

Randolph County State Recreation Area

Salt Lick Point Land & Water Preserve

Schurmeier Teaching Forest

Shawnee National Forest

Stemler Cave Woods Nature Preserve

Tapley Woods State Natural Area

The Nature Institute: Olin Nature Preserve, Mississippi Sanctuary, Kemp and Cora Hutchinson Bird Sanctuary, Heartland Prairie Project at Gordon Moore Park

Thomson Causeway Recreation Area

Tower Rock

Trail of Tears State Forest

Turkey Bluffs State Fish & Wildlife Area

Two Rivers National Wildlife Refuge

Upper Mississippi River National Wildlife & Fish Refuge and Ingersoll Wetlands Learning Center

Wapello Land & Water Reserve

Wards Grove Nature Preserve

White Rock Nature Preserve

Wildcat Springs Park

Winston Tunnel State Natural Area