Oakwood Bottoms - Shawnee National Forest

1 Oakwood Bottom Road, Pomona IL 62975 | 618.833.8576
Southernmost Illinois

Oakwood Bottoms includes Turkey Bayou, Greentree Reservoir, Turkey Bayou Campground, and the Big Muddy boat launch. Turkey Bayou is a 20-acre lake, which offers anglers an opportunity to fish for large and smallmouth bass, crappie, and muskellunge, among other species. There is no boat ramp access to Turkey Bayou and motors are restricted to electric only. Oakwood Bottoms provides one of the few places boaters can access the Big Muddy River. Turkey Bayou Campground offers primitive tent and trailer camping opportunities with a 14-day maximum stay. Picnic next to the Greentree Reservoir or take the short boardwalk trail into the bottoms for excellent bird watching opportunities. Hunting, primarily for waterfowl is available in Oakwood Bottoms and is subject to special regulations.

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