Fountain Bluff

Fountain Bluff Road, Gorham IL 62940
Southernmost Illinois

Named Fountain Bluff due to the natural springs flowing from the rocks, the area is known for its biodiversity, tall sandstone cliffs, and Native American rock art. Made up of high hills, the area is now situated along the east bank of the Mississippi River, although the river once ran on either side and during a time made the bluff an island in the middle of the river. Between 850-1500 AD this location was inhabited by Native Americans of the Mississippian culture. The rock art carved on the sandstone walls is believed to have been created during their habitation of the area. The mysterious carvings depict wolves, birds, deer, human forms, crosses, circles and other geometric figures. Information on the location of the carvings is vague but generally sounds like a fairly strenuous hike with a steep incline may be involved.

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