Calhoun County Vistas & Ferries Loop

Calhoun County, Grafton IL 62037 | 800.258.6645
Great Rivers and Routes Tourism Bureau

Rolling hills, winding roads, orchards, and riverboat ferries create the perfect scenery for a peaceful drive through Calhoun County. There are several locations to enter the loop, but the ideal place to start is crossing the Brussels Ferry, just north of Grafton, into Calhoun County. Once in Calhoun County, continue on the Illinois River Road for 22 miles, through Brussels, Hardin, and into Kampsville. In Kampsville, cross the Illinois River on the Kampsville Ferry and take State Route 108 into Eldred. In Eldred, turn right onto the Illinois River Road and onto State Route 100/16 past Pere Marquette State Park and back toward Grafton.

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